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To warrranty them like we do, you have to construct them like we do.   Leather Creations is proud to openly talk about what is comonly refered to as the blind item.  Everything that goes on under the hood is going to enure that your foundation will last as long as the leather is designed to last. 



We expect you to enjoy your Leather Creations Custom-Crafted Original for years to come.


That's the way we craft them.  To back that up, we provide you with the most comprehensive warranty available.  Essentially, it says; for as long as you won your Leather Creations manufactured piece, if you ahve any issue due to a construction defect, we'll fix it free.


What's covered?

Essentially every part of the furniture, including: Local transportation included.  Out of local delivery may incur transportation charges.

You would expect furniture like this to cost more.  The nice thing is, it doesn't.

Lifetime Warranty on the following:

Frame and Springs: Leather Creations will repair or replace any defective spring or frame.

Pillows:  Leather Creations will provide free fiber for as long as you own the furniture.

Cushions:  Leather Creations will replace any foam cushion or spring down cushion if the cushion collapses.  It is natural for cushions to soften; this warranty covers collapse.

Zippers:  Leather Creations will replace any zipper that fails.

Breather Cloth: Leather Creations will replace any breather cloth that fails.

Stitching: Leather Creations will repair any loose stitching.

Workmanship/Padding: Leather Creations will remedy any workmanship or padding issues.

Mattress and Air Bladder: 1 Year

Other parts not manufactured by Leather Creations (Sleeper, Recliner, Motor, Hinges, HT tables and cup holders, etc) are warranted for parts for as long as you won the furniture and for labor for 3 years.

What does "lifetime" mean?

Lifetime means for as long as you own the product.  This warranty is non-transferable and does not cover intenional misuse or abuse.  It is only for furniture used in residential environments.

And still more protection.

It's also comforting to know that whatever the problem, we can make your Custom-Crafted Original like new.  All of the details for each piece we craft - leather, color, style, stitching, ornamentation - are kept on file.  If something should happen, just contact us.  We'll help you make it new again.

Ultimate protection.

Because accidents happen, we offer a 5 year Accidental Protection Plan that protects you against events not covered under manufacturers defect warranty such as: stains caused by food, drink, household cleaners, ink marks, plus burns, tears, and punctures.  Ask your leather specialist for program specifics.

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